Tuesday, December 30, 2008

NO longer on blogspot..

in case you were wondering.


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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

360's in da snow, RYDE OR DIE!!

Seriously, I 360 degreed my vehicle today merging onto the metropolitain. It was scary. And the dude in back of me had the nerve to bully/honk at me as i drove off traumatized. F' the snow. It hurts, its depressing and it sucks to drive in. The only time its fun is if your some Shawn White prototype or youre lying naked by your lover and a fireplace. If neither of those scenarios apply to you, we are both on the same page.

Some highlights (and low-lites) of the day:

-ive got a raging throat ache, but that doesnt stop me from kissing me cute puppy's bacteria infested mouth. i know its bad but i cant help it!!!
-im officially released from the clutches of satan himself, ROGERS. Now that theyve stolen 3000$ of my money for complete nonsense. i genuinely hope this recession eats them alive.
-it took me 2 hours and a half to drive back from downtown at 4 pm. 2 HOURS AND A HALF (nearing 3 hours, for the record.)
-i havent been to the gym in 5 days and this makes me sad, tomorrow ill punish my body for the days it has missed. in the process, hopefully ill get all the sick cold stuff out of my system.
- i love christmas!!! like alot. jesus is lovely.i gave most of my family and friends and boyfriend all their gifts already. im horrible at keeping secrets/surprises.
-LOST SEASON 4 CAME OUT ON DVD TODAY?!?!?!!! gift??mike??me??

man, blogging takes so much energy. and i want to write about super emotional, spiritual, intellectual stuff but im worried lots will go bored.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Some of my favourite people and animals...



My stepmom Patty.



Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Midnight rant numero 2!!!!

Alright so, few key things to mention before I go to sleep.

  • Sweet almond bubble baths and Hawaiian Radio Podcast, with a naughty or novelty read, is perfect.
  • The cold is nipping at my toes as we speak. I have been trying to ease my feet up to one of my puppies and theyre refusing to share their warmth. It's either 32 degrees fareinheit in this dizzle, or I feel like the cast of that movie where the plane crashes in the artic which results in frozen human-kebobs. Shit, I feel really bad making a joke about that considering it actually happened.
  • Ernest?!?!?! Remember Ernest on YTV or PBS or whatever channel.That dude was an awkward cross between Mr. Bean, ED Gainey and Howard Sperm. (Or Stern, whatever he calls himself these days.) He was an icon on child television but somehow the crew on his set let him dress like he hid their bodies in his pick up truck. PLUS he was constantly getting into trouble with creeps and his voice had the pitch of prebupescent girs around Ropbert Pattison/Bruce Springsteen. Despite all this, I loved his show. You kinda always felt bad for him because he was supposed to be retarded, like that was his character. I still loved his show.
  • I dont know if anyone else had this problem but its my first month of driving daily and my ankles are swollen like stumps. I feel like all my blood is pooling in them while I drive. What do i do???
  • PINK LEMONADE is so tasty. You can drink it year round, its so worth it.
  • i miss living on monkland in NDG. What a great neighborhood to go out for a jog, or get some fantastic health food. You feel richer just living there because everyone seems so happy, with their lovely homes and dog and child who is polite and doesnt yell at the synagogue. I miss it.

Oi, before i go...My really radical boyfriend wanted me to mention how awful Darubes Sandstorm is. But seriously, I fucking love that shit and the 90s station is what I PLAY ON REPEAT IN MY CAR. So sorry my love,


Monday, December 1, 2008

Ive missed you Mrs. Inter-web...

There's this part of me that's afraid a future employer will Google my name (courtesy of Milena) and find that I am too raw or too naive or too pretentious to work for his company, thus putting me out of a job I obviously really wanted AND stripping me of my love affair with the internet. The other part of me wants to pull out a glass of wine and let my mind wander...I have a strong sense the latter of the two will win...

In any case, Ill have you know that I have always been in love with language, and communicating effectively and everything that was involved in the 'properly articulating your thoughts' process. I also always thought that there was nothing more fantastic then being able to combine my love of great analogies, bad photo ops and story telling; with that of the internet.

I really hope, considering it is my first post in over a year and a half, that you (whoever you may be) are going to enjoy my nonchalance and candid shots. Despite the fact that I may be (kinda just a little) hopping on the blog bandwagon, the next few months or years of my life will be documented in an attempt to be as entertaining as possible.

Alright so here it goes....


It's past midnight on Monday night. I should be in bed considering I have school in the morning. I guess staying up late isn't that big of a deal anymore since hey invented snooze buttons and super-galactic alarms to wake up even the hardest of sleepers. I really wish that they'd invent an energy drink that actually worked. You know, like the ones you can drink in the morning without feeling like you're going to shit out acid and sugar and guarana. I tried Lil Jon's GET CRUNK! Energy drink and seriously...I have no idea what that dude puts in his Crunk Chalice, but it isnt this crap. Mike and I drove to Ottawa and the whole time I thought I was going to get diabetes. Keep in mind I stopped drinking after literally 6 sips. I gave it 6 chances to redeem itself, 6 CHANCES...and it failed miserably. Mike of course finished it, and pooped his brain out at a Tim Hortons in Ontario.

My current favourite things of the moment are: (pictures to follow asap)

-This years Pop Montreal cd. I am listening to a few tracks religiously, including this band called Passion Pit and this lovely lady who sings this song called 'I miss you'. Its number 3 on the album, google it. Im reallllly digging female vocalists who sound like theyre from heaven.

-My car. For those of you who thought it would never happen, it did. I have a car now. A hyundai accent GL, 4 door silver 2004. She isnt anything fancy but damn does she make my wheels turn.

-Satellite radio. My car dealer was nice enough to bless me with a sound system and satellite radio. It literally changed my life.

-Sitting at home, watching the the Scream network with my dogs. They clearly dont give a crap about zombies or Stephen King movies, but they keep me warm when I get 'cough'..cold.

-Entertaining the prospect that I may, one day, write some insanely popular novel about Jesus and zombies and Hawaii. How I am going to incoporate the three...I do not know.

-Tim Hortons poppy seed bagels with cream cheese. I tested positive for opiates at a clinic and did not understand why till they asked me how many bagels I had eaten in a week.

-Weightlifting. The class is called BodyPump and I swear to the big man that its just great. I dont want to look like Madonna on 'roids or anything, but I feel like a new woman. My teacher is a biker/accountant woman who is equally fit/butchy as she is successful broker.

-Animals. I now have two dogs, two birds, two fish and a younger brother. I kind of feel like Noah and his arc except i still have to find a girl for my brother. Preferably not a drug addict or insano type, since hes been meeting a few of those in the past months. Hes a great guy but for a reason unbeknown to me, he tends to attract lunatic types like polar bears to ice.Then throw in a couple of tigers, elephants and pigeons and I will be officially on my way to being crowned St Francis of Assisi.

(Did I mention he was stabbed this past year by one of his best girl friends? WTF? He really picks a class act...)

-Metaphors. Really good metaphors. The kind you hear and wonder to yourself, "That is the best way I could have possibly explained that particular person or place or feeling." It just blows my mind.

-Larry David. The guy is fucking hillarious because hes just so bent on being a passive, sarcastic, and unbelievably witty. I dont even know what to say, he is just amazing.

-LOST!!!!- it will and always be one of my most favourite things in the world. Where do i start? highsdgsugsgs%$$$$$$


I love how blogging is so cool, like oh so very very cool. Was it Perez Hilton or lastnightsparty.com that made it the most fulfilling thing to do with your day? I feel hip doing this...

Till next time...